Advertising Opportunities – Media Realm


Entry Level Solutions

Brand Reviews

 Our expert team will test and review your online brand’s products, user experience, customer service, pricing and more to highlight key benefits and provide the education necessary for consumers to make a purchase from your store.

Sponsored Articles

We’ve invested heavily in SEO allowing us to achieve top google rankings for topics surrounding interest in your product. Either plug your brand links into our existing articles for immediate traffic or create a brand new topic to insert into our web platform, providing ultimate visibility for the future.

Social Media Features

Each of our realms has its very own social media channels with highly targeted and engaging followers. Work with us to promote your products through feed posts, stories, and more to generate real traffic from users who have demonstrated interest in your industry.

Sponsored And Dedicated Email Blasts

Feature your brand our weekly newsletters or hand select a specific demographic within our massive subscriber lists to send a dedicated email all about your brand. Our lists are composed only of real users who have shown interest in a particular industry, ensuring the highest open, click-through, and conversion rates possible.

Advanced Solutions

Facebook and Instagram PPC

Our bread and butter; through our data driven PPC program we can GUARANTEE positive performance on facebook and instagram advertising; meaning you don’t pay us a dime unless campaigns provide the return on ad spend you’re looking for. Remember the magic is in the social proof.

Google PPC

Just like our Facebook PPC program; we’re very confident in our ability to run ROI positive google campaigns targeting your brand terms, your competitors brand terms, and special interest queries related to your products. Ask us about performance based partnerships on google.

Banner Ads

Looking to boost awareness and visibility? Our banner ads are a great way to do that.. We’ll allow you to hand select placement across our platforms ensuring you only pay to be seen by the audiences you want.

Our Platforms

Each of our eight unique web platforms acts as a hub of customer acquisition for a specific market or industry. This allows us to target users with relatable content more likely to lead to conversions and brand loyalty.

Nutrition Realm

Fitness Realm

Pet Realm

Adult Realm

Sleep Realm

Women’s Realm

Men’s Realm

Tech Realm