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About Us

Our Story

It all started with Nutrition Realm, our first baby. Back in early 2018 we decided to test our theory that ads delivered from a third party source within a niche industry could outperform ads coming directly from the brands themselves. We expected to double the traditional return on ad spend seen in the health in wellness space. We were wrong…our first test campaign for a CBD client drove over $100,000 in new customers at a 20:1 return and the rest is history.

Our Mission

Our mission at Media Realm is to leverage valuable content to generate targeted audiences for online marketing solutions and analytics.

Real Value for Readers and Brands Alike

We believe strongly that the success of our partnerships stands on the quality of our content and the experience we deliver for our readers. We present users with genuine, educational content to help them find and become familiar with brands and products tailored to their interests. The educated customer is the most likely to convert.

The Magic is in the social proof

The best way to understand why our advertising solutions are so successful is to take a walk in the shoes of a consumer. Imagine you just opened your browser, intent on finding a new health and wellness product. You visit Brand A, browse their website, and ultimately determine you’re not quite ready to purchase. When you leave the site to continue your search, you begin seeing ads from Brand A with offers and other incentives to come back. This retargeting technique has been successful for all kinds of brands for many years, but consumers are growing accustomed to it. Now lets imagine you visit Brand B; again you’re not quite convinced upon first impression. This time, however, when you leave the site you begin seeing ads from a third party source such as NutritionRealm.com describing the benefits of the same product you were just viewing. We’re guessing you’d be much more likely to purchase Brand B. Third party validation is powerful, and it’s the reason we’ve been able to outperform traditional PPC strategies ten-fold.

Our Reach is Massive and Highly Targeted

Over 1 Million

Monthly Website Visitors


Email Subscribers

Over $4 Million

New revenue for our clients